spot_img Toyota fj cruiser reboot rumored to sit on hilux champ chassis Toyota fj cruiser reboot rumored to sit on hilux champ chassis


Relaunched Toyota FJ Cruiser is expected to ride on a Hilux Champ chassis

Toyota brought the IMV 0 concept, a compact chassis-cab pickup meant to entice customers in developing nations with its affordability, adaptability, and durability, at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. A month after the presentation, a production version known as the Hilux Champ made its way onto the Thai market for a price of roughly $13,000 US. This price was reached by offering buyers a truck that is 70% finished, with the remaining portion going towards the use-specific upfit they require and pay for. In spite of the fact that a minimum of one reviewer described the vehicle as “perfect,” and other commenters wrote something along the lines of “I’d buy it right now,” the Hilux Champ has very little chance of ever reaching American soil. However, behind the body of the revived FJ Cruiser, the ladder frame from the Hilux Champ may make an appearance on our soil, according to Japanese publication Best Car (translated).

To refresh your memory, rumours of a Toyota FJ Cruiser began with a mysterious picture from Toyota’s new Land Cruiser introduction in August of last year. A slide displaying three silhouetted vehicles was displayed when automaker executive Simon Humphries talked about making the Land Cruiser more accessible and affordable for people all over the world. The vehicle on the upper left appeared to be an improved version of Toyota’s Compact Cruiser EV Concept from 2021, which toyed with the idea of bringing back the FJ Cruiser. Compared to the concept, the teasing image was higher off the ground, had larger tyres, and had a spare wheel mounted on the tailgate. Additionally, the size appeared larger than that of the Compact Cruiser.

Returning to the Hilux Champ, the Venn Diagram shows where it overlaps with the FJ Cruiser in terms of proportions, front fascia, and front fender styling. The Champ measures 68.3 inches high, 70.3 inches wide, and 185.2 inches long in short-wheelbase configuration (108 inches long). The dimensions of the 2014 FJ Cruiser were 75 inches broad, 72 inches high, and 181 inches long on a 106-inch wheelbase. Thus far, it appears quite feasible to complete this section. However, Best Car’s projected specifications for the relaunch indicate a far more compact off-road vehicle, measuring 177.2 inches in length, 108 inches in width, and 72.9 inches in height.

But still. The IMV-truck-series platform for the Hilux Champ is exclusive to Toyota Thailand and is produced there. In a video, a Japanese YouTuber claimed to have watched a webcast hosted by Best Car, during which reporters clarified that the “mini Land Cruiser” will make its public debut this year and go into production in Thailand. It may go into production in November for the Japanese market, or it may go into production as late as spring of next year while Toyota resolves some issues related to corporate fraud. Reporters for magazines also quoted a portion of the article stating that the car would be known in Japan as either Land Cruiser FJ or Land Cruiser Fun.

It remains to be seen if Toyota has other plans for a North American model or if this prospective Land Cruiser FJ with this specific architecture will find its way onto the American market. According to predictions, our FJ will be a premium vehicle on the other extreme of the rough spectrum from the Hilux Champ, and it may be better suited to the TNGA-F platform that underpins the new Lexus GX and U.S.-spec Land Cruiser. No matter which market the new FJ enters, Toyota will undoubtedly be inundated with enough enquiries over a potential U.S. release that it will be forced to provide more information than just conjecture.

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