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2025 BMW X3 preview: more technology and better handling

2025 BMW X3 has a lot riding on the X3 since the SUV has been among its best-selling vehicles since the 2003 launch of the first generation model. The Munich-based firm has unveiled images and specifications of the upcoming fourth-generation X3, hinting at the improvements to be expected.

The next-generation X3 2025 is expected to go differently from the Vision Neue Klasse X concept, which gave BMW a sneak peek at a daring new design direction earlier in 2024. Instead of copying the idea, the SUV maintains a more traditional-looking front end with angular headlamps and two broad kidney grilles connected in the middle. It has a tapered roofline for a sportier appearance, and its door handles are now integrated into the body. Rolls of white and black camouflage still conceal the intricate design elements.

According to BMW, it took great care to improve the driving experience of the next X3. The track was widened by its experts, who also improved directional stability and structural rigidity. Additionally, some versions will come with an adaptive suspension system that uses electronically controlled shock absorbers. There is also a more direct steering ratio.

At least to some extent, the future X3 will accommodate your needs if you choose not to drive. Although there are still very few details available, BMW says the fourth generation X3 “will offer an expanded selection of systems for automated driving and parking compared to the current model.” The X3 will be equipped with a broad digital instrument cluster and the most recent iteration of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system.

Nothing is known about the specifications sheet for the X3. We already know that internal combustion engines will be available for it; one of the models depicted in BMW’s photos proudly sports four circular exhaust points. Another test mule has a charging port built into the driver-side fender. Thus, it appears that a hybrid drivetrain will be offered. According to British magazine Autocar, the worldwide lineup will comprise plug-in hybrid technology and four- and six-cylinder engines, one of which will be diesel. However, we can see the iX3 electric version being offered, or possibly a special electric variation that borrows Neue Klasse X style but uses the iX3 name. Standard features include an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

In the next weeks, BMW will fully reveal the 2025 X3, with sales expected to start by the end of 2024.

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