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These are 2024’s top-selling new cars¬†

After a few years of extreme volatility, automakers seem to be steadily recovering, although not all of them have seen an improvement in sales. According to a recent analysis by iSeeCars on the best and worst-selling new cars 2024, certain businesses are selling cars off dealer lots at a rate that is more than twice as fast as others.

With vehicles moving in an average of 39.6 days, Toyota was the fastest-selling new 2024 cars brand between October 2023 and March 2024. Alfa Romeo, with an average of 41.8 days on the market, unexpectedly finished second. Unlike this survey, which ranks nameplates by brand, we saw a list of the fastest-selling individual nameplates overall last year.

2024’s top-selling new cars

Toyota: available for 39.6 days

Jaguar: 44.4;

 Honda: 44.2;

Alfa Romeo: 41.8;

Cadillac: 43.4

Kia: 47

Honda: 49;

Hyundai: 47.1

Mazda: 53.1;

BMW: 49.1

The brands that move goods the quickest have a high level of value and customer desire. Fast-selling manufacturers like Toyota and Honda represent mainstream consumers want to get the most for their new-car dollar, according to iSeeCars executive analyst Karl Brauer. High-end luxury brands with low volume, on the other hand, such as Alfa Romeo, Cadillac, and Jaguar, demonstrate both their restricted availability and high demand from wealthy consumers eager to purchase these vehicles as soon as they hit dealer lots.

Of all, without darkness, there would be no light at all, and a few brands that are having trouble moving their goods are listed on the opposite side. With an average sales time of 82.6 days, Lincoln was the least popular brand of new automobiles. Buick moved units on average in 79 days, while Infiniti trailed closely at 79.8 days.

New electric vehicles (EVs) take a lot longer to sell than hybrid vehicles; in March 2024, EVs will have been on the market for an average of 70.6 days, compared to just 49.5 days for hybrids, according to iSeeCars. The list of secondhand cars also included some of the rapidly selling new models. Used Hondas were the fastest to sell, taking an average of just 26.1 days to leave dealers’ lots. Toyota sold its used inventory in an average of 27.4 days, while Lexus used automobiles were on the lot for 26.3 days.

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