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How to Spend a Week in Dubai: The Perfect Itinerary


For passionate travelers, there’s something unique to find at every nook and corner of the earth. However, there are very few places that can pack as much diversity and range within a limited area as Dubai. Whether it is art, culture, faith, glamour, or business- if it’s incredible and interesting, Dubai can serve you a dose of it!

As a business hub and cultural melting pot, Dubai has been a favorite among both- tourists and ex-pats for many decades. A perfect mix of luxury and adrenaline-spiking sports creates memorable experiences that are hard to replicate. Apart from this, Dubai’s modernity served with a welcoming and friendly vibe making it a place that you’ll keep visiting time and again. 

With all this said, we think that anyone could stay in Dubai forever. But if you are planning to visit this city for a week, here is a 7-day itinerary that can help you have the perfect vacation!

Day 1: Visit The Palm

As a man-made archipelago, Palm Jumeirah is a place that has many interesting activities that you can enjoy within a day’s time. This island is popular for its unique structure and scenic beauty. If you’re a foodie, you can try the many lavish cuisines that are served at its resort cafes. For a family-friendly playtime, the Aquaventure Waterpark can let you into a world of record-breaking rides and fun-filled water games. Overall, this will be an exciting day of experiencing aqua-themed leisure and relaxed sightseeing.

Day 2: Ski Dubai

There’s something magical about finding a world of snow and skis in the land of deserts. Ski Dubai is the world’s third-biggest indoor ski slop located inside the Dubai Mall of the Emirates. With 6,000 tonnes of snow under your feet, there is a lot you can try inside this ski zone. Qualified instructors can help you get started with the basics of skiing or teach you some special ski tricks if you have some prior experience. There is a dedicated freestyle zone where you can practice your jumps and twists with full force. You also get the opportunity to meet a colony of snow penguins and interact with them up close.

Day 3: Dubai Marina

Nothing spells luxury more than strolling down one of the most iconic waterfront walkways of Dubai. Lined with palm trees and a selection of bustling cafes, hotels, and retail outlets, the Dubai Marina has a fusion of commercial as well as residential delights. Tourists can visit Gallery One to view authentic artworks from around the world. You can also take a luxury yacht tour down the Persian Gulf while enjoying a 5-star cruise experience complete with food and drinks.

Day 4: Downtown Dubai

If architectural beauty and sky-high buildings fascinate you, this part of Dubai is a must-visit. Downtown Dubai is a mixed-use complex that houses some of the city’s largest landmarks. You can get a panoramic view of Dubai from the world’s highest observation platform inside Burj Khalifa, or enjoy the Dubai Fountain show right at the center of this complex. There is also a Fashion Avenue where you can find stores dedicated to prestigious brands and high fashion. 

Day 5: Visit the Bollywood Park

Do you like dramatic live shows and energetic musicals? If yes, then Bollywood Park is your chance to immerse yourself in a world of exhilarating dance, drama, music, and adventure inspired by the famous Hindi movie industry. As a family-friendly theme park, there are facilities to help you spend a wholesome day filled with thrilling rides, amazing 4D shows, and a full-course Indian meal. Overall, you are likely to create memories of entertainment and joy that you’d cherish for years to come.

Day 6 and 7: The Dubai Creek

If you have spent your last 5 days hopping around the city to explore its many wonders, now is the time to have a laid-back time before your take off.  Known as the lifeline of the city, the Dubai Creek runs through the city connecting Deira in the north to Bur Dubai in the south. The Dubai Creek harbor is an ideal place for taking a relaxing stroll while watching the idyllic skyline of the city change hues with the sunset. You can also take a Dhow boat ride across the waterway and experience the lively city life taking its routine course around you.

How to Navigate Dubai?

Now that you have your 7- day itinerary all set and ready, it’s time to think of how you’d be commuting around the city. 

Public transport networks are always available as a safe option. As a well-connected city, Dubai has a sturdy infrastructure of metros, cabs, and public buses. But depending on them comes with limitations such as confusing timings, faraway pick-ups, and uncertain waiting times.

Having a vehicle that you can control and drive around on your own can solve all these issues. This is where car rentals can come to the rescue! Just downloading a simple app on your phone gives you access to a nearly endless range of car types and renting timelines. There are also flexible prices, enticing packages, and the option to cancel your subscription whenever you want.

If you’re on a tour and want the comfort of having a car at your disposal at all times, just download the ekar app. With a monthly subscription, you can enjoy the convenience of having a car without actually owning one. The hassles of commitment can also be avoided as you can switch or trade-up your vehicle within the subscription period. A world of free navigation and seamless commute awaits you in Dubai with ekar!

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