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How to Install A Used Transmission


Transmission is a vital component in a vehicle’s drivetrain and when it fails it jams wheels in spite of engine revving up. Buying a part in good condition matters, if you are looking for a replacement. Yet, proper installation is the key to efficient usage. Otherwise, it will not get optimised performance and will damage badly..Then you lose dollars to buy the used transmission.So, you still won’t see the vehicle functioning poorly because of poor transmission.Seeking the mechanic’s help will still do the trick. You should know about the installation. Since it is a difficult job to install a transmission. Isn’t it ?

“Installation of parts is nothing but should be in the right order. No matter if you have purchased an OEM transmission – it still has to be installed under experts’ eyes for smooth performance of the car”.

Know How To Install a Used Transmission

Starting an installation process is easy as you need to prepare the vehicle and it involves disconnecting the battery, draining the transmission fluid and removing old transmission. So ideally, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific vehicle to avoid damage to the components.

When you remove the old transmission, it is essential to scrutinise the replacement. After noticing any wear damage, ensure it matches the vehicle’s specifications. While installing a used transmission, you check that the fluid remains clean and doesn’t have metal shavings or debris. Fortunately, all the used messages should be equipped with a torque converter and covered by the salvage yard warranty.

After the inspection with the replacement transmission and torque converter, you should install the transmission. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the remaining transmission correctly. Proper setting to use the correct torque setting tightens all bolts and connections properly. You should check all the plugs and fittings to ensure it is perfectly fitted and working.

After installation is done to refill the transmission fluid. You should check the right fluid type and the manufacturer’s recommendation on the amount of liquid to add. Regularly check the fluid level after installation to ensure it maintains the correct level.

Reprogramming the TCM in some cases after used or remanufactured transmission. This situation arises when the transmission is from a different vehicle, or has modified the vehicle drivetrain. Also, it is essential for controlling the transmission shifting pattern functions and reprogramming that operates appropriately. The process involves specialised software and tools to update the TCM with the correct programming parameters. When you don’t experience reprogramming the TCM and don’t have the proper equipment, you should get the vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic, deal,or transmission and perform reprogramming.It avoids potential issues for the used transmission.

Installation and remanufacturing transmission is an excellent way to save money and pitfalls for vehicles. Ideally, you should check the parts and specifications before purchasing. So VIN becomes important. A faulty installation and transmission fails prematurely. Following the manufacturer instruction helps with correct torque setting and bolt tightening sequences. Buying a transmission with hidden damage or wear should not be risky. Ensure the transmissions are scrutinised to check the fluid for signs of wear or debris.


At Brother Auto Parts, we don’t do installation. Instead, we give you tips.You should know all the essential practices that make you aware of the potential pitfalls, and the transmission you use will provide reliable performance in years to come.Installation of the used transmission for sale is the right way to save money on vehicle repairs. Follow best practice, and the transmission works properly and lasts longer.

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