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How To Choose The Right Grease For Your Equipment?


Grease Suppliers In UAE Suggest Attributes To Select A Grease For Your Machines

Grease is a semisolid that aids in lubrication and comprises a liquid lubricant mixed with a thickener. It is a bit different from liquid lubricants, as the consistency is such that, you can cut grease with a knife. Moreover, it can also flow, under low pressure. Several additives go into the production of grease, lending it load-carrying capacity and corrosion control properties. The grease suppliers in UAE can provide you with the best quality grease for your machinery. 

According to the suppliers, it is a special variety of lubricant, which performs both as a solid, as well as a liquid lubricant under different conditions. You can use various greases, depending on the requirement of applications. Greases are mostly used where rotating surfaces are involved in a machine. Oil is the most common choice for a lubricant, so you must check some of the attributes of greases that can make it a suitable alternative in several instances. 

Attributes Of Greases As Stated By The Grease Suppliers In UAE

You can classify grease based on a variety of parameters. These parameters can help you to evaluate the applicability of various greases. 

NLGI Consistency Rating 

You will come across grease products, having a wide range of consistencies. NLGI categorizes them into nine different types. #000 represents grease fluidly at room temperature. It can go up to #6, which is a block of solid at the same temperature. NLGI #2 happens to be the most popular form of grease. If you intend to use grease in an automated grease lubrication system, NLGI #1 will be the ideal choice. In other cases, you may come across the letters, EP mentioned before NLGI, for e.g. EP2. Then you must conclude that the grease has extremely high-pressure additives like Molybdenum Disulfide, for use in low-speed, and high-load systems. 


All greases contain thickeners, mixed with the liquid part. It basically acts as a soap sponge that helps in maintaining the base oil’s consistency. Moreover, it also facilitates the spreading of the compound to the components that require lubrication. Some of the most popular ones that are used, are Lithium, Calcium, Barium, and Sodium. These have high dropping points, along with excellent load-carrying capabilities. Non-soap thickeners are used in systems, which are exposed to high temperatures. 


Additives are an important part of the composition, as they may impact the lubricating abilities of grease. Additives are more often involved in improving the desirable properties and balancing the negative ones. Moreover, they can also impart a new set of properties to the grease. The most common additives perform multiple functions like inhibiting oxidation, rusting, and reducing friction. Electric motor bearings require greases with additives, to ward off the complexities that arise due to over-greasing. 

Dropping Point 

It is the temperature, at which the grease turns into liquid and stops performing. Thus, you have to ensure that optimum temperatures are maintained, so that the grease can perform as intended. 


It mainly denotes the ability of grease to be pumped through the system.  It must be mobile enough to move through nozzles and pipelines. 

The grease suppliers in UAE can provide you with the right guidelines, when you purchase grease from them. You may also consult the firm, before you buy grease for a specific function. Now, that you know about the attributes, affecting your selection, you ought to know about the applications. 

Applications Of Grease

It is important for you to note, that oil and grease lubricants are not interchangeable. You have to use grease in cases where oil cannot be used. The machinery design and the operating conditions are also taken into account while deciding on the grease. 

Grease may be used in the following cases:

  • If you are running machinery for a long time, or plan to store the same for a period, then using grease will suffice. The grease is already present between the parts when you restart the machinery. So, a lubricating film forms instantly. 
  • There are certain parts of machinery that are not accessible all the time. You can use high-quality greases for such spaces inside the system. Such greases are used in electrical motors and gearboxes. 
  • All the machinery operating under extremely high temperatures and high pressure, can utilize greases. 
  • You can use grease in machines, that are old and worn out. The application of suitable grease can help in increasing the longevity of the machine. 

Final Words 

You can decide based on the above situations, as to what type of grease you must purchase. Always rely on grease suppliers in UAE, as they can provide you with meaningful insights before the final purchase. Additionally, you must exercise caution, while using grease or any other lubricant in machines, as the wrong ones can cause permanent defects in expensive machinery and cause financial losses. Do check the grease recommendations in your machine’s manual, to avoid any sort of complication.

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